We make things simple

Specialist company in Risk and Sustainability compliance focused frameworks. We build software products and provide advisory services to support individuals and companies take well informed decisions.

Delivering framework management systems and compliance to enterprises and startups that enter the supply chain.Focusing on Enterprise readiness and building strong public, private partnerships in B-corp, ISO 14001, 27001, 23001 and GDPR among many.Our advisory service focuses on short term objective driven key results.

The Team

Sawan Joshi - Founder and CRO with over 20 years in business transformation set this team up with Menal Joshi - CFO to build a simplified platform to enable better business partnerships.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discuss your design idea or ask us about a white label product we can tailor to your business needs with your branding.We can build connected API driven workflow software products fast without the complexities you need to leave behind.